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C4ScriptStandaloneStubs.cpp File Reference
#include "C4Include.h"
#include "config/C4Reloc.h"
#include "control/C4Record.h"
#include "object/C4Def.h"
#include "object/C4ObjectList.h"
#include "script/C4Aul.h"
#include "script/C4AulDebug.h"
#include "script/C4PropList.h"
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C4Effect ** FnGetEffectsFor (C4PropList *pTarget)
bool EraseItemSafe (const char *szFilename)
void AddDbgRec (C4RecordChunkType, const void *, int)
void RecordRandom (uint32_t range, uint32_t val)


C4StringTable Strings
C4AulScriptEngine ScriptEngine
C4Config Config
C4Reloc Reloc

Function Documentation

void AddDbgRec ( C4RecordChunkType  ,
const void *  ,

Definition at line 63 of file C4ScriptStandaloneStubs.cpp.

References Control, and C4GameControl::DbgRec().

63 {}

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bool EraseItemSafe ( const char *  szFilename)

Definition at line 62 of file C4ScriptStandaloneStubs.cpp.

62 {return false;}
C4Effect** FnGetEffectsFor ( C4PropList pTarget)

Definition at line 39 of file C4ScriptStandaloneStubs.cpp.

References GameScript, C4PropList::GetObject(), C4Value::getPropList(), C4AulScriptEngine::GetPropList(), C4AulScriptEngine::pGlobalEffects, C4GameScriptHost::pScenarioEffects, C4GameScriptHost::ScenPropList, and ScriptEngine.

40 {
41  if (pTarget == ScriptEngine.GetPropList())
43  if (pTarget == GameScript.ScenPropList.getPropList())
45  if (pTarget) throw C4AulExecError("Only global and scenario effects are supported");
47 }
C4PropListStatic * GetPropList()
Definition: C4Aul.h:151
C4GameScriptHost GameScript
C4AulScriptEngine ScriptEngine
C4Value ScenPropList
Definition: C4ScriptHost.h:163
C4Effect * pScenarioEffects
Definition: C4ScriptHost.h:165
C4Effect * pGlobalEffects
Definition: C4Aul.h:144
C4PropList * getPropList() const
Definition: C4Value.h:116

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void RecordRandom ( uint32_t  range,
uint32_t  val 

Definition at line 65 of file C4ScriptStandaloneStubs.cpp.

Referenced by Random().

65 { }

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Variable Documentation

C4Config Config

Definition at line 50 of file C4ScriptStandaloneStubs.cpp.

C4Reloc Reloc

Definition at line 58 of file C4ScriptStandaloneStubs.cpp.

C4AulScriptEngine ScriptEngine

Definition at line 36 of file C4ScriptStandaloneStubs.cpp.

C4StringTable Strings

Definition at line 35 of file C4ScriptStandaloneStubs.cpp.