C4ScriptStandaloneStubs.cpp File Reference
#include "C4Include.h"
#include "config/C4Reloc.h"
#include "control/C4Record.h"
#include "object/C4Def.h"
#include "object/C4ObjectList.h"
#include "script/C4Aul.h"
#include "script/C4AulDebug.h"
#include "script/C4PropList.h"
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C4Effect ** FnGetEffectsFor (C4PropList *pTarget)
bool EraseItemSafe (const char *szFilename)
void AddDbgRec (C4RecordChunkType, const void *, int)
void RecordRandom (uint32_t range, uint32_t val)


C4StringTable Strings
C4AulScriptEngine ScriptEngine
C4Config Config
C4Reloc Reloc

Function Documentation

◆ AddDbgRec()

void AddDbgRec ( C4RecordChunkType  ,
const void *  ,

Definition at line 63 of file C4ScriptStandaloneStubs.cpp.

References Control, and C4GameControl::DbgRec().

63 {}
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◆ EraseItemSafe()

bool EraseItemSafe ( const char *  szFilename)

Definition at line 62 of file C4ScriptStandaloneStubs.cpp.

62 {return false;}

◆ FnGetEffectsFor()

C4Effect** FnGetEffectsFor ( C4PropList pTarget)

Definition at line 39 of file C4ScriptStandaloneStubs.cpp.

References GameScript, C4Value::getPropList(), C4AulScriptEngine::GetPropList(), C4AulScriptEngine::pGlobalEffects, C4GameScriptHost::pScenarioEffects, C4GameScriptHost::ScenPropList, and ScriptEngine.

Referenced by Object().

40 {
41  if (pTarget == ScriptEngine.GetPropList())
43  if (pTarget == GameScript.ScenPropList.getPropList())
45  if (pTarget) throw C4AulExecError("Only global and scenario effects are supported");
47 }
C4PropListStatic * GetPropList()
Definition: C4Aul.h:151
C4GameScriptHost GameScript
C4PropList * getPropList() const
Definition: C4Value.h:116
C4AulScriptEngine ScriptEngine
C4Value ScenPropList
Definition: C4ScriptHost.h:163
C4Effect * pScenarioEffects
Definition: C4ScriptHost.h:165
C4Effect * pGlobalEffects
Definition: C4Aul.h:144
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◆ RecordRandom()

void RecordRandom ( uint32_t  range,
uint32_t  val 

Definition at line 65 of file C4ScriptStandaloneStubs.cpp.

65 { }

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◆ Config

C4Config Config

Definition at line 50 of file C4ScriptStandaloneStubs.cpp.

Referenced by C4Config::IsCorrupted().

◆ Reloc

C4Reloc Reloc

Definition at line 58 of file C4ScriptStandaloneStubs.cpp.

◆ ScriptEngine

C4AulScriptEngine ScriptEngine

Definition at line 36 of file C4ScriptStandaloneStubs.cpp.

◆ Strings

C4StringTable Strings

Definition at line 35 of file C4ScriptStandaloneStubs.cpp.