C4Reloc Class Reference

#include <C4Reloc.h>


struct  PathInfo

Public Types

enum  PathType { PATH_Regular, PATH_PreferredInstallationLocation }
typedef std::vector< PathInfoPathList
typedef PathList::const_iterator iterator

Public Member Functions

void Init ()
bool AddPath (const char *path, PathType pathType=PATH_Regular)
iterator begin () const
iterator end () const
bool Open (C4Group &hGroup, const char *filename) const
bool LocateItem (const char *filename, StdStrBuf &str) const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 19 of file C4Reloc.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ iterator

typedef PathList::const_iterator C4Reloc::iterator

Definition at line 36 of file C4Reloc.h.

◆ PathList

typedef std::vector<PathInfo> C4Reloc::PathList

Definition at line 35 of file C4Reloc.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ PathType


Definition at line 22 of file C4Reloc.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddPath()

bool C4Reloc::AddPath ( const char *  path,
PathType  pathType = PATH_Regular 

Definition at line 60 of file C4Reloc.cpp.

References IsGlobalPath().

Referenced by Init(), and C4Application::ParseCommandLine().

61 {
62  if(!IsGlobalPath(path))
63  return false;
65  if(std::find(Paths.begin(), Paths.end(), path) != Paths.end())
66  return false;
68  Paths.emplace_back(StdCopyStrBuf(path), pathType);
69  return true;
70 }
bool IsGlobalPath(const char *szPath)
Definition: StdFile.cpp:227
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◆ begin()

C4Reloc::iterator C4Reloc::begin ( ) const

Definition at line 72 of file C4Reloc.cpp.

Referenced by C4Language::Init(), and C4AppDelegate::installAddOn.

73 {
74  return Paths.begin();
75 }
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◆ end()

C4Reloc::iterator C4Reloc::end ( ) const

Definition at line 77 of file C4Reloc.cpp.

Referenced by C4Language::Init(), and C4AppDelegate::installAddOn.

78 {
79  return Paths.end();
80 }
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◆ Init()

void C4Reloc::Init ( )

Definition at line 23 of file C4Reloc.cpp.

References AddPath(), StdStrBuf::Append(), StdStrBuf::AppendBackslash(), C4CFN_System, Config, DirectoryExists(), C4ConfigGeneral::ExePath, C4Config::General, StdStrBuf::getData(), ItemExists(), PATH_PreferredInstallationLocation, C4ConfigGeneral::SystemDataPath, and C4ConfigGeneral::UserDataPath.

Referenced by C4AppDelegate::argsLookLikeItShouldBeInstallation, and C4Application::DoInit().

24 {
25  Paths.clear();
27  // The system folder (i.e. installation path) has higher priority than the user path
28  // Although this is counter-intuitive (the user may want to overload system files in the user path),
29  // people had trouble when they downloaded e.g. an Objects.ocd file in a network lobby and that copy permanently
30  // ruined their OpenClonk installation with no obvious way to fix it.
31  // Not even reinstalling would fix the problem because reinstallation does not overwrite user data.
32  // We currently don't have any valid case where overloading system files would make sense so just give higher priority to the system path for now.
33 #ifndef __APPLE__
34  // Add planet subfolder with highest priority because it's used when starting directly from the repository with binaries in the root folder
36  planet.AppendBackslash();
37  planet.Append("planet");
38  if (DirectoryExists(planet.getData()))
39  {
40  // Only add planet if it's a valid contents folder.
41  // Because users may create a folder "planet" in their source repos.
42  StdCopyStrBuf planet_system_check(planet);
43  planet_system_check.AppendBackslash();
44  planet_system_check.Append(C4CFN_System);
45  if (ItemExists(planet_system_check.getData()))
46  {
47  AddPath(planet.getData());
48  }
49  }
50 #endif
51  // Add main system path (unless it's using planet/ anyway, in which we would just slow down scenario enumeration by looking throug hthe whole source folder)
52  if (!Paths.size())
53  {
55  }
56  // Add user path for additional data (player files, user scenarios, etc.)
58 }
C4Config Config
Definition: C4Config.cpp:833
C4ConfigGeneral General
Definition: C4Config.h:251
char UserDataPath[CFG_MaxString+1]
Definition: C4Config.h:54
char SystemDataPath[CFG_MaxString+1]
Definition: C4Config.h:55
bool DirectoryExists(const char *szFilename)
Definition: StdFile.cpp:684
bool AddPath(const char *path, PathType pathType=PATH_Regular)
Definition: C4Reloc.cpp:60
StdCopyStrBuf ExePath
Definition: C4Config.h:52
#define C4CFN_System
Definition: C4Components.h:29
bool ItemExists(const char *szItemName)
Definition: StdFile.h:75
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Here is the caller graph for this function:

◆ LocateItem()

bool C4Reloc::LocateItem ( const char *  filename,
StdStrBuf str 
) const

Definition at line 93 of file C4Reloc.cpp.

References StdStrBuf::Copy(), DirSep, StdStrBuf::getData(), IsGlobalPath(), and ItemExists().

Referenced by C4ControlJoinPlayer::C4ControlJoinPlayer(), and C4Network2Res::SetByFile().

94 {
95  if(IsGlobalPath(filename))
96  {
97  str.Copy(filename);
98  return true;
99  }
101  for(const auto & iter : *this)
102  {
103  str.Copy(iter.strBuf + DirSep + filename);
104  if(ItemExists(str.getData()))
105  return true;
106  }
108  return false;
109 }
bool IsGlobalPath(const char *szPath)
Definition: StdFile.cpp:227
const char * getData() const
Definition: StdBuf.h:442
#define DirSep
bool ItemExists(const char *szItemName)
Definition: StdFile.h:75
void Copy()
Definition: StdBuf.h:467
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◆ Open()

bool C4Reloc::Open ( C4Group hGroup,
const char *  filename 
) const

Definition at line 82 of file C4Reloc.cpp.

References DirSep, IsGlobalPath(), and C4Group::Open().

Referenced by C4Application::DoInit(), C4SoundSystem::Init(), C4LoaderScreen::Init(), C4Game::InitMaterialTexture(), C4DefList::Load(), C4Player::Load(), C4Language::LoadComponentHost(), C4GameResList::LoadFoldersWithLocalDefs(), C4PlayerInfo::LoadFromLocalFile(), C4Game::OpenScenario(), C4GraphicsResource::RegisterGlobalGraphics(), C4GroupSet::RegisterParentFolders(), and C4Network2Res::SetByFile().

83 {
84  if(IsGlobalPath(filename)) return hGroup.Open(filename);
86  for(const auto & iter : *this)
87  if(hGroup.Open((iter.strBuf + DirSep + filename).getData()))
88  return true;
90  return false;
91 }
bool IsGlobalPath(const char *szPath)
Definition: StdFile.cpp:227
bool Open(const char *szGroupName, bool fCreate=false)
Definition: C4Group.cpp:514
#define DirSep
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