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C4GameLobby Namespace Reference


class  C4PacketCountdown
class  C4PacketSetScenarioParameter
class  Countdown
class  MainDlg
class  ScenDesc


void LobbyError (const char *szErrorMsg)


bool UserAbort = false
const int32_t AlmostStartCountdownTime = 10

Function Documentation

void C4GameLobby::LobbyError ( const char *  szErrorMsg)

Definition at line 725 of file C4GameLobby.cpp.

References C4Network2::GetLobby(), Log(), Network, and C4GameLobby::MainDlg::OnError().

Referenced by C4GameLobby::MainDlg::OnClientAddPlayer(), and C4MessageInput::ProcessCommand().

726  {
727  // get lobby
728  MainDlg *pLobby = ::Network.GetLobby();
729  if (pLobby) pLobby->OnError(szErrorMsg);
730  else Log(szErrorMsg);
731  }
class C4GameLobby::MainDlg * GetLobby() const
Definition: C4Network2.h:216
C4Network2 Network
Definition: C4Globals.cpp:53
void OnError(const char *szErrMsg)
bool Log(const char *szMessage)
Definition: C4Log.cpp:202

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Variable Documentation

const int32_t C4GameLobby::AlmostStartCountdownTime = 10
bool C4GameLobby::UserAbort = false