C4ConfigGraphics Class Reference

#include <C4Config.h>

Public Member Functions

void CompileFunc (StdCompiler *pComp)

Public Attributes

int32_t SplitscreenDividers
int32_t ShowStartupMessages
int32_t VerboseObjectLoading
int32_t MenuTransparency
int32_t UpperBoard
int32_t ShowClock
int32_t ResX
int32_t ResY
int32_t WindowX
int32_t WindowY
int32_t RefreshRate
int32_t Windowed
int32_t ShowCrewNames
int32_t ShowCrewCNames
int32_t PXSGfx
int32_t Gamma
int32_t Currency
int32_t Monitor
int32_t MaxRefreshDelay
int32_t NoOffscreenBlits
int32_t MultiSampling
int32_t AutoFrameSkip
int32_t DebugOpenGL
int32_t MouseCursorSize

Detailed Description

Definition at line 94 of file C4Config.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CompileFunc()

void C4ConfigGraphics::CompileFunc ( StdCompiler pComp)

Definition at line 112 of file C4Config.cpp.

References mkNamingAdapt(), and StdCompiler::Value().

113 {
114  pComp->Value(mkNamingAdapt(ResX, "ResolutionX", -1 ,false, true));
115  pComp->Value(mkNamingAdapt(ResY, "ResolutionY", -1 ,false, true));
116  pComp->Value(mkNamingAdapt(WindowX, "WindowX", 800 ,false, true));
117  pComp->Value(mkNamingAdapt(WindowY, "WindowY", 600 ,false, true));
118  pComp->Value(mkNamingAdapt(RefreshRate, "RefreshRate", 0 ));
119  pComp->Value(mkNamingAdapt(SplitscreenDividers, "SplitscreenDividers", 1 ));
120  pComp->Value(mkNamingAdapt(ShowStartupMessages, "ShowStartupMessages", 1 ,false, true));
121  pComp->Value(mkNamingAdapt(VerboseObjectLoading, "VerboseObjectLoading", 0 ));
122  pComp->Value(mkNamingAdapt(MenuTransparency, "MenuTransparency", 1 ,false, true));
123  pComp->Value(mkNamingAdapt(UpperBoard, "UpperBoard", 1 ,false, true));
124  pComp->Value(mkNamingAdapt(ShowClock, "ShowClock", 0 ,false, true));
125  pComp->Value(mkNamingAdapt(ShowCrewNames, "ShowCrewNames", 1 ,false, true));
126  pComp->Value(mkNamingAdapt(ShowCrewCNames, "ShowCrewCNames", 0 ,false, true));
127  pComp->Value(mkNamingAdapt(Windowed, "Windowed", 0 ,false, true));
128  pComp->Value(mkNamingAdapt(PXSGfx, "PXSGfx" , 1 ));
129  pComp->Value(mkNamingAdapt(Gamma, "Gamma" , 100 ));
130  pComp->Value(mkNamingAdapt(Currency, "Currency" , 0 ));
131  pComp->Value(mkNamingAdapt(Monitor, "Monitor", 0 )); // 0 = D3DADAPTER_DEFAULT
132  pComp->Value(mkNamingAdapt(MaxRefreshDelay, "MaxRefreshDelay", 30 ));
133  pComp->Value(mkNamingAdapt(NoOffscreenBlits, "NoOffscreenBlits", 1 ));
134  pComp->Value(mkNamingAdapt(MultiSampling, "MultiSampling", 4 ));
135  pComp->Value(mkNamingAdapt(AutoFrameSkip, "AutoFrameSkip", 1 ));
136  pComp->Value(mkNamingAdapt(MouseCursorSize, "MouseCursorSize", 50 ));
137 }
int32_t RefreshRate
Definition: C4Config.h:105
int32_t MultiSampling
Definition: C4Config.h:115
int32_t MenuTransparency
Definition: C4Config.h:100
int32_t VerboseObjectLoading
Definition: C4Config.h:99
int32_t Windowed
Definition: C4Config.h:106
int32_t ShowCrewNames
Definition: C4Config.h:107
int32_t MouseCursorSize
Definition: C4Config.h:118
int32_t UpperBoard
Definition: C4Config.h:101
StdNamingAdapt< T > mkNamingAdapt(T &&rValue, const char *szName)
Definition: StdAdaptors.h:92
int32_t ShowCrewCNames
Definition: C4Config.h:108
int32_t MaxRefreshDelay
Definition: C4Config.h:113
int32_t WindowX
Definition: C4Config.h:104
int32_t NoOffscreenBlits
Definition: C4Config.h:114
void Value(const T &rStruct)
Definition: StdCompiler.h:161
int32_t PXSGfx
Definition: C4Config.h:109
int32_t Monitor
Definition: C4Config.h:112
int32_t WindowY
Definition: C4Config.h:104
int32_t SplitscreenDividers
Definition: C4Config.h:97
int32_t ResX
Definition: C4Config.h:103
int32_t ResY
Definition: C4Config.h:103
int32_t Gamma
Definition: C4Config.h:110
int32_t Currency
Definition: C4Config.h:111
int32_t AutoFrameSkip
Definition: C4Config.h:116
int32_t ShowClock
Definition: C4Config.h:102
int32_t ShowStartupMessages
Definition: C4Config.h:98
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Member Data Documentation

◆ AutoFrameSkip

int32_t C4ConfigGraphics::AutoFrameSkip

Definition at line 116 of file C4Config.h.

Referenced by C4StartupOptionsDlg::C4StartupOptionsDlg(), and C4GameParameters::Load().

◆ Currency

int32_t C4ConfigGraphics::Currency

Definition at line 111 of file C4Config.h.

◆ DebugOpenGL

int32_t C4ConfigGraphics::DebugOpenGL

◆ Gamma

int32_t C4ConfigGraphics::Gamma

Definition at line 110 of file C4Config.h.

Referenced by C4Game::SetDefaultGamma().

◆ MaxRefreshDelay

int32_t C4ConfigGraphics::MaxRefreshDelay

Definition at line 113 of file C4Config.h.

Referenced by C4ApplicationGameTimer::SetGameTickDelay().

◆ MenuTransparency

int32_t C4ConfigGraphics::MenuTransparency

Definition at line 100 of file C4Config.h.

◆ Monitor

int32_t C4ConfigGraphics::Monitor

◆ MouseCursorSize

int32_t C4ConfigGraphics::MouseCursorSize

Definition at line 118 of file C4Config.h.

Referenced by C4MouseControl::Draw().

◆ MultiSampling

int32_t C4ConfigGraphics::MultiSampling

◆ NoOffscreenBlits

int32_t C4ConfigGraphics::NoOffscreenBlits

Definition at line 114 of file C4Config.h.

◆ PXSGfx

int32_t C4ConfigGraphics::PXSGfx

Definition at line 109 of file C4Config.h.

Referenced by C4PXSSystem::Draw().

◆ RefreshRate

int32_t C4ConfigGraphics::RefreshRate

◆ ResX

◆ ResY

◆ ShowClock

int32_t C4ConfigGraphics::ShowClock

◆ ShowCrewCNames

int32_t C4ConfigGraphics::ShowCrewCNames

◆ ShowCrewNames

int32_t C4ConfigGraphics::ShowCrewNames

◆ ShowStartupMessages

int32_t C4ConfigGraphics::ShowStartupMessages

Definition at line 98 of file C4Config.h.

Referenced by C4Application::PreInit().

◆ SplitscreenDividers

int32_t C4ConfigGraphics::SplitscreenDividers

Definition at line 97 of file C4Config.h.

Referenced by C4ViewportList::RecalculateViewports().

◆ UpperBoard

◆ VerboseObjectLoading

int32_t C4ConfigGraphics::VerboseObjectLoading

Definition at line 99 of file C4Config.h.

Referenced by C4Def::Clear(), C4DefList::Load(), and C4ParticleDef::Load().

◆ Windowed

◆ WindowX

int32_t C4ConfigGraphics::WindowX

◆ WindowY

int32_t C4ConfigGraphics::WindowY

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