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C4Shader.cpp File Reference
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struct  C4ShaderPosName


#define SKIP_WHITESPACE   do { while(isspace(*pPos)) { ++pPos; } } while (0)


const uint32_t C4Shader_RefreshInterval = 1000
C4ShaderPosName C4SH_PosNames []
C4ScriptShader ScriptShader

Class Documentation

struct C4ShaderPosName

Definition at line 25 of file C4Shader.cpp.

Class Members
const char * Name
int Position

Macro Definition Documentation

#define SKIP_WHITESPACE   do { while(isspace(*pPos)) { ++pPos; } } while (0)

Variable Documentation

C4ShaderPosName C4SH_PosNames[]
Initial value:
= {
{ C4Shader_PositionInit, "init" },
{ C4Shader_PositionCoordinate, "coordinate" },
{ C4Shader_PositionTexture, "texture" },
{ C4Shader_PositionMaterial, "material" },
{ C4Shader_PositionNormal, "normal" },
{ C4Shader_PositionLight, "light" },
{ C4Shader_PositionColor, "color" },
{ C4Shader_PositionFinish, "finish" },
{ C4Shader_Vertex_TexCoordPos, "texcoord" },
const int C4Shader_PositionInit
Definition: C4Shader.h:45
const int C4Shader_PositionColor
Definition: C4Shader.h:51
const int C4Shader_Vertex_PositionPos
Definition: C4Shader.h:59
const int C4Shader_PositionLight
Definition: C4Shader.h:50
const int C4Shader_Vertex_NormalPos
Definition: C4Shader.h:57
const int C4Shader_Vertex_ColorPos
Definition: C4Shader.h:58
const int C4Shader_PositionTexture
Definition: C4Shader.h:47
const int C4Shader_PositionMaterial
Definition: C4Shader.h:48
const int C4Shader_PositionNormal
Definition: C4Shader.h:49
const int C4Shader_Vertex_TexCoordPos
Definition: C4Shader.h:56
const int C4Shader_PositionFinish
Definition: C4Shader.h:52
const int C4Shader_PositionCoordinate
Definition: C4Shader.h:46

Definition at line 29 of file C4Shader.cpp.

const uint32_t C4Shader_RefreshInterval = 1000

Definition at line 23 of file C4Shader.cpp.

Referenced by C4ShaderCall::Start().

C4ScriptShader ScriptShader

Definition at line 717 of file C4Shader.cpp.

Referenced by C4Shader::Refresh(), and C4ShaderCall::Start().