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ThisImpl< C4Object > Struct Template Reference

#include <C4AulDefFunc.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static C4ObjectConv (C4PropList *_this, C4AulFunc *func)

Detailed Description

struct ThisImpl< C4Object >

Definition at line 97 of file C4AulDefFunc.h.

Member Function Documentation

static C4Object* ThisImpl< C4Object >::Conv ( C4PropList _this,
C4AulFunc func 

Definition at line 99 of file C4AulDefFunc.h.

References C4AulFunc::GetName(), and C4PropList::GetObject().

100  {
101  C4Object* Obj = _this ? _this->GetObject() : nullptr;
102  if (Obj)
103  return Obj;
104  else
105  throw NeedObjectContext(func->GetName());
106  }
const char * GetName() const
Definition: C4AulFunc.h:57
virtual C4Object * GetObject()
Definition: C4PropList.cpp:644

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