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C4InputValidation.h File Reference
#include "lib/StdAdaptors.h"
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struct  C4StrValAdapt< T >
struct  ValidatedStdCopyStrBufBase
struct  ValidatedStdCopyStrBuf< V >




enum  C4InVal::ValidationOption {
  C4InVal::VAL_Filename, C4InVal::VAL_SubPathFilename, C4InVal::VAL_FullPath, C4InVal::VAL_NameAllowEmpty,
  C4InVal::VAL_NameNoEmpty, C4InVal::VAL_NameExAllowEmpty, C4InVal::VAL_NameExNoEmpty, C4InVal::VAL_IRCName,
  C4InVal::VAL_IRCPass, C4InVal::VAL_IRCChannel, C4InVal::VAL_Comment


bool C4InVal::ValidateString (char *szString, ValidationOption eOption, size_t iMaxSize)
bool C4InVal::ValidateString (StdStrBuf &rsString, ValidationOption eOption)
bool C4InVal::ValidateInt (int32_t &riVal, int32_t iMinVal, int32_t iMaxVal)
bool C4InVal::ValidateFilename (char *szFilename, size_t iMaxSize=_MAX_PATH)
template<class T >
C4StrValAdapt< T > mkStrValAdapt (T &&rValue, C4InVal::ValidationOption eValType)


const unsigned int C4MaxName = 30
const unsigned int C4MaxLongName = 120
const unsigned int C4MaxComment = 256

Function Documentation

template<class T >
C4StrValAdapt<T> mkStrValAdapt ( T &&  rValue,
C4InVal::ValidationOption  eValType 

Definition at line 66 of file C4InputValidation.h.

Referenced by C4SHead::CompileFunc().

66 { return C4StrValAdapt<T>(rValue, eValType); }

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const unsigned int C4MaxComment = 256
const unsigned int C4MaxLongName = 120

Definition at line 24 of file C4InputValidation.h.

Referenced by C4InVal::ValidateString().