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StdMeshInstance::SerializableValueProvider::IDBase Struct Reference

#include <StdMesh.h>

Inheritance diagram for StdMeshInstance::SerializableValueProvider::IDBase:
Collaboration diagram for StdMeshInstance::SerializableValueProvider::IDBase:

Public Types

SerializableValueProvider *(* 
NewFunc )()

Public Attributes

const char * name
const std::type_info & type
NewFunc newfunc

Protected Member Functions

 IDBase (const char *name, const std::type_info &type, NewFunc newfunc)
virtual ~IDBase ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 425 of file StdMesh.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef SerializableValueProvider*(* StdMeshInstance::SerializableValueProvider::IDBase::NewFunc)()

Definition at line 427 of file StdMesh.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

StdMeshInstance::SerializableValueProvider::IDBase::IDBase ( const char *  name,
const std::type_info &  type,
NewFunc  newfunc 

Definition at line 429 of file StdMesh.h.

429  :
431  {
432  if(!IDs) IDs = new std::vector<IDBase*>;
433  IDs->push_back(this);
434  }
virtual StdMeshInstance::SerializableValueProvider::IDBase::~IDBase ( )

Definition at line 436 of file StdMesh.h.

437  {
438  assert(IDs);
439  IDs->erase(std::find(IDs->begin(), IDs->end(), this));
440  if (!IDs->size()) { delete IDs; IDs = nullptr; }
441  }

Member Data Documentation

const char* StdMeshInstance::SerializableValueProvider::IDBase::name

Definition at line 444 of file StdMesh.h.

Referenced by StdMeshInstance::SerializableValueProvider::Lookup().

NewFunc StdMeshInstance::SerializableValueProvider::IDBase::newfunc

Definition at line 446 of file StdMesh.h.

Referenced by CompileNewFuncCtx().

const std::type_info& StdMeshInstance::SerializableValueProvider::IDBase::type

Definition at line 445 of file StdMesh.h.

Referenced by StdMeshInstance::SerializableValueProvider::Lookup().

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