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ExecImpl< RType, ThisType, ParTypes > Struct Template Reference

#include <C4AulDefFunc.h>

Static Public Member Functions

template<std::size_t... Is>
static C4Value Exec (RType(*pFunc)(ThisType *, ParTypes...), ThisType *_this, C4Value pPars[], std::index_sequence< Is...>)

Detailed Description

template<typename RType, typename ThisType, typename... ParTypes>
struct ExecImpl< RType, ThisType, ParTypes >

Definition at line 117 of file C4AulDefFunc.h.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename RType , typename ThisType , typename... ParTypes>
template<std::size_t... Is>
static C4Value ExecImpl< RType, ThisType, ParTypes >::Exec ( RType(*)(ThisType *, ParTypes...)  pFunc,
ThisType *  _this,
C4Value  pPars[],
std::index_sequence< Is...>   

Definition at line 120 of file C4AulDefFunc.h.

Referenced by C4AulEngineFunc< RType, ThisType, ParTypes >::Exec().

121  {
122  return C4Value(pFunc(_this, C4ValueConv<ParTypes>::_FromC4V(pPars[Is])...));
123  (void) pPars;
124  }

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