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aul::ast::VarDecl Class Referenceabstract

#include <C4AulAST.h>

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struct  Var

Public Types

enum  Scope { Scope::Func, Scope::Object, Scope::Global }

Public Member Functions

virtual bool has_value () const
virtual void accept (::aul::AstVisitor *) const =0

Public Attributes

Scope scope
bool constant
std::vector< Vardecls
const char * loc = nullptr

Detailed Description

Definition at line 351 of file C4AulAST.h.

Class Documentation

struct aul::ast::VarDecl::Var

Definition at line 365 of file C4AulAST.h.

Class Members
ExprPtr init
string name

Member Enumeration Documentation


Definition at line 355 of file C4AulAST.h.

356  {
357  Func,
358  Object,
359  Global
360  };
C4Object * Object(C4PropList *_this)
Definition: C4AulDefFunc.h:35

Member Function Documentation

virtual void aul::ast::Node::accept ( ::aul::AstVisitor ) const
pure virtualinherited
virtual bool aul::ast::Stmt::has_value ( ) const

Reimplemented in aul::ast::Expr.

Definition at line 137 of file C4AulAST.h.

137 { return false; }

Member Data Documentation

bool aul::ast::VarDecl::constant

Definition at line 363 of file C4AulAST.h.

std::vector<Var> aul::ast::VarDecl::decls

Definition at line 370 of file C4AulAST.h.

const char* aul::ast::Node::loc = nullptr

Definition at line 128 of file C4AulAST.h.

Scope aul::ast::VarDecl::scope

Definition at line 362 of file C4AulAST.h.

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