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Ogre::Mesh::ChunkGeometry Class Reference

#include <StdMeshLoaderBinaryChunks.h>

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Public Member Functions

Type GetType () const
size_t GetSize () const

Static Public Member Functions

static std::unique_ptr< ChunkRead (DataStream *stream)
static Type Peek (const DataStream *stream)

Public Attributes

size_t vertexCount
< ChunkGeometryVertexDeclElement
< ChunkGeometryVertexBuffer

Static Public Attributes

static const size_t ChunkHeaderLength

Protected Types

typedef ChunkID Type

Protected Member Functions

virtual void ReadImpl (DataStream *stream)

Protected Attributes

Type type
size_t size

Detailed Description

Definition at line 454 of file StdMeshLoaderBinaryChunks.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef ChunkID Ogre::ChunkBase< ChunkID >::Type

Definition at line 286 of file StdMeshLoaderBinaryChunks.h.

Member Function Documentation

size_t Ogre::ChunkBase< ChunkID >::GetSize ( ) const

Definition at line 292 of file StdMeshLoaderBinaryChunks.h.

References Ogre::ChunkBase< _Type >::size.

Referenced by Ogre::Mesh::ChunkUnknown::ReadImpl(), Ogre::Mesh::ChunkMeshBoneAssignments::ReadImpl(), Ogre::Mesh::ChunkGeometryVertexData::ReadImpl(), Ogre::Skeleton::ChunkUnknown::ReadImpl(), Ogre::Skeleton::ChunkBone::ReadImpl(), and Ogre::Skeleton::ChunkAnimationTrackKF::ReadImpl().

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Type Ogre::ChunkBase< ChunkID >::GetType ( ) const
static Type Ogre::ChunkBase< ChunkID >::Peek ( const DataStream stream)

Definition at line 295 of file StdMeshLoaderBinaryChunks.h.

References Ogre::DataStream::Peek().

Referenced by StdMeshSkeletonLoader::LoadSkeletonBinary(), Ogre::Mesh::ChunkMesh::ReadImpl(), Ogre::Mesh::ChunkSubmesh::ReadImpl(), ReadImpl(), Ogre::Mesh::ChunkGeometryVertexDecl::ReadImpl(), Ogre::Mesh::ChunkGeometryVertexBuffer::ReadImpl(), Ogre::Skeleton::ChunkAnimation::ReadImpl(), and Ogre::Skeleton::ChunkAnimationTrack::ReadImpl().

296  {
297  return static_cast<Type>(stream->Peek<uint16_t>());
298  }

Here is the call graph for this function:

Here is the caller graph for this function:

std::unique_ptr< Chunk > Ogre::Mesh::Chunk::Read ( DataStream stream)

Definition at line 46 of file StdMeshLoaderBinaryChunks.cpp.

References Ogre::ChunkBase< ChunkID >::ChunkHeaderLength, Ogre::Mesh::CID_Edge_List, Ogre::Mesh::CID_Geometry, Ogre::Mesh::CID_Geometry_Vertex_Buffer, Ogre::Mesh::CID_Geometry_Vertex_Data, Ogre::Mesh::CID_Geometry_Vertex_Decl, Ogre::Mesh::CID_Geometry_Vertex_Decl_Element, Ogre::Mesh::CID_Header, Ogre::Mesh::CID_Invalid, Ogre::Mesh::CID_Mesh, Ogre::Mesh::CID_Mesh_Bone_Assignment, Ogre::Mesh::CID_Mesh_Bounds, Ogre::Mesh::CID_Mesh_Skeleton_Link, Ogre::Mesh::CID_Submesh, Ogre::Mesh::CID_Submesh_Bone_Assignment, Ogre::Mesh::CID_Submesh_Name_Table, Ogre::Mesh::CID_Submesh_Op, Ogre::DataStream::GetRemainingBytes(), LogF(), Ogre::DataStream::Read(), and Ogre::ChunkBase< ChunkID >::size.

Referenced by StdMeshLoader::LoadMeshBinary(), Ogre::Mesh::ChunkMesh::ReadImpl(), Ogre::Mesh::ChunkSubmesh::ReadImpl(), ReadImpl(), Ogre::Mesh::ChunkGeometryVertexDecl::ReadImpl(), and Ogre::Mesh::ChunkGeometryVertexBuffer::ReadImpl().

47  {
48  assert(stream->GetRemainingBytes() >= ChunkHeaderLength);
50  // Read metadata
51  ChunkID id = CID_Invalid;
52  id = static_cast<ChunkID>(stream->Read<uint16_t>());
53  size_t size = 0;
54  // Special case: CID_Header doesn't have any size info.
55  if (id != CID_Header)
56  {
57  // All others are proper chunks.
58  size = stream->Read<uint32_t>();
59  size -= ChunkHeaderLength;
60  }
62  // Create chunk
63  std::unique_ptr<Chunk> chunk;
64  switch (id)
65  {
66  case CID_Header: chunk.reset(new ChunkFileHeader()); break;
67  case CID_Mesh: chunk.reset(new ChunkMesh()); break;
70  chunk.reset(new ChunkMeshBoneAssignments()); break;
71  case CID_Mesh_Skeleton_Link: chunk.reset(new ChunkMeshSkeletonLink()); break;
72  case CID_Mesh_Bounds: chunk.reset(new ChunkMeshBounds()); break;
73  case CID_Submesh: chunk.reset(new ChunkSubmesh()); break;
74  case CID_Submesh_Op: chunk.reset(new ChunkSubmeshOp()); break;
75  case CID_Geometry: chunk.reset(new ChunkGeometry()); break;
76  case CID_Geometry_Vertex_Buffer: chunk.reset(new ChunkGeometryVertexBuffer()); break;
77  case CID_Geometry_Vertex_Data: chunk.reset(new ChunkGeometryVertexData()); break;
78  case CID_Geometry_Vertex_Decl: chunk.reset(new ChunkGeometryVertexDecl()); break;
79  case CID_Geometry_Vertex_Decl_Element: chunk.reset(new ChunkGeometryVertexDeclElement()); break;
80  default:
81  LogF("StdMeshLoader: I don't know what to do with a chunk of type 0x%xu", id);
82  // Fall through
84  // We don't care about these
85  chunk.reset(new ChunkUnknown()); break;
86  };
87  chunk->type = id;
88  chunk->size = size;
89  chunk->ReadImpl(stream);
90  return chunk;
91  }
bool LogF(const char *strMessage,...)
Definition: C4Log.cpp:253

Here is the call graph for this function:

Here is the caller graph for this function:

void Ogre::Mesh::ChunkGeometry::ReadImpl ( DataStream stream)

Implements Ogre::ChunkBase< ChunkID >.

Definition at line 239 of file StdMeshLoaderBinaryChunks.cpp.

References Ogre::DataStream::AtEof(), Ogre::Mesh::CID_Geometry_Vertex_Buffer, Ogre::Mesh::CID_Geometry_Vertex_Decl, LogF(), Ogre::ChunkBase< ChunkID >::Peek(), Ogre::DataStream::Read(), Ogre::Mesh::Chunk::Read(), vertexBuffers, vertexCount, and vertexDeclaration.

240  {
241  vertexCount = stream->Read<uint32_t>();
242  for (ChunkID id = Chunk::Peek(stream);
244  id = Chunk::Peek(stream)
245  )
246  {
247  std::unique_ptr<Chunk> chunk = Chunk::Read(stream);
249  switch (chunk->GetType())
250  {
252  if (!vertexDeclaration.empty())
253  throw MultipleSingletonChunks("There's only one CID_Geometry_Vertex_Decl chunk allowed within a CID_Geometry chunk");
254  vertexDeclaration.swap(static_cast<ChunkGeometryVertexDecl*>(chunk.get())->declaration);
255  break;
257  vertexBuffers.push_back(static_unique_cast<ChunkGeometryVertexBuffer>(move(chunk)));
258  break;
259  default:
260  LogF("StdMeshLoader: I don't know what to do with a chunk of type 0x%xu inside a CID_Geometry chunk", chunk->GetType());
261  break;
262  }
263  if (stream->AtEof()) break;
264  }
265  }
static Type Peek(const DataStream *stream)
unique_ptr_vector< ChunkGeometryVertexBuffer > vertexBuffers
unique_ptr_vector< ChunkGeometryVertexDeclElement > vertexDeclaration
static std::unique_ptr< Chunk > Read(DataStream *stream)
bool LogF(const char *strMessage,...)
Definition: C4Log.cpp:253

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Member Data Documentation

const size_t Ogre::ChunkBase< ChunkID >::ChunkHeaderLength
size_t Ogre::ChunkBase< ChunkID >::size
Type Ogre::ChunkBase< ChunkID >::type

Definition at line 287 of file StdMeshLoaderBinaryChunks.h.

unique_ptr_vector<ChunkGeometryVertexBuffer> Ogre::Mesh::ChunkGeometry::vertexBuffers

Definition at line 459 of file StdMeshLoaderBinaryChunks.h.

Referenced by ReadImpl().

size_t Ogre::Mesh::ChunkGeometry::vertexCount

Definition at line 457 of file StdMeshLoaderBinaryChunks.h.

Referenced by ReadImpl().

unique_ptr_vector<ChunkGeometryVertexDeclElement> Ogre::Mesh::ChunkGeometry::vertexDeclaration

Definition at line 458 of file StdMeshLoaderBinaryChunks.h.

Referenced by ReadImpl().

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