C4SRealism Class Reference

#include <C4Scenario.h>

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Public Member Functions

void Default ()

Public Attributes

C4IDList ValueOverloads
bool LandscapePushPull
bool LandscapeInsertThrust

Detailed Description

Definition at line 106 of file C4Scenario.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Default()

void C4SRealism::Default ( )

Definition at line 403 of file C4Scenario.cpp.

404 {
405  LandscapePushPull=false;
406  LandscapeInsertThrust=false;
408 }
C4IDList ValueOverloads
Definition: C4Scenario.h:109
bool LandscapePushPull
Definition: C4Scenario.h:110
void Default()
Definition: stub-handle.cpp:63
bool LandscapeInsertThrust
Definition: C4Scenario.h:111

Member Data Documentation

◆ LandscapeInsertThrust

bool C4SRealism::LandscapeInsertThrust

Definition at line 111 of file C4Scenario.h.

Referenced by C4Landscape::InsertDeadMaterial().

◆ LandscapePushPull

bool C4SRealism::LandscapePushPull

Definition at line 110 of file C4Scenario.h.

Referenced by C4Landscape::InsertMaterial().

◆ ValueOverloads

C4IDList C4SRealism::ValueOverloads

Definition at line 109 of file C4Scenario.h.

Referenced by C4Game::InitValueOverloads().

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