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C4AulCompiler::ConstexprEvaluator::ExpressionNotConstant Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for C4AulCompiler::ConstexprEvaluator::ExpressionNotConstant:
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Public Member Functions

template<typename... T>
 ExpressionNotConstant (const C4ScriptHost *host, const ::aul::ast::Node *n, const char *reason, T &&...args)
const char * what () const noexceptoverride

Protected Attributes

StdCopyStrBuf sMessage

Detailed Description

Definition at line 361 of file C4AulCompiler.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename... T>
C4AulCompiler::ConstexprEvaluator::ExpressionNotConstant::ExpressionNotConstant ( const C4ScriptHost host,
const ::aul::ast::Node n,
const char *  reason,
T &&...  args 

Definition at line 365 of file C4AulCompiler.cpp.

365  :
366  C4AulParseError(Error(host, host, n, nullptr, reason, std::forward<T>(args)...)) {}

Member Function Documentation

const char* C4AulError::what ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

StdCopyStrBuf C4AulError::sMessage

Definition at line 44 of file C4Aul.h.

Referenced by C4AulExecError::C4AulExecError(), and C4AulParseError::C4AulParseError().

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