C4Packet2.cpp File Reference
#include "C4Include.h"
#include "C4Version.h"
#include "control/C4RoundResults.h"
#include "gui/C4GameLobby.h"
#include "network/C4GameControlNetwork.h"
#include "network/C4Network2.h"
#include "network/C4Network2Res.h"
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struct  unpack_class< T >


#define PKT_UNPACK(T)   unpack_class<T>::unpack


const char * PacketNameByID (C4PacketType eID)


const C4PktHandlingData PktHandlingData []

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#define PKT_UNPACK (   T)    unpack_class<T>::unpack

Definition at line 47 of file C4Packet2.cpp.

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◆ PacketNameByID()

const char* PacketNameByID ( C4PacketType  eID)

Definition at line 136 of file C4Packet2.cpp.

References C4PacketBase::C4PacketBase(), C4PktHandlingData::ID, PID_None, and C4PacketBase::~C4PacketBase().

137 {
138  for (const C4PktHandlingData *pPData = PktHandlingData; pPData->ID != PID_None; pPData++)
139  if (pPData->ID == eID)
140  return pPData->Name;
141  return "?!?";
142 }
const C4PktHandlingData PktHandlingData[]
Definition: C4Packet2.cpp:50
C4PacketType ID
Definition: C4PacketBase.h:204
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◆ PktHandlingData

const C4PktHandlingData PktHandlingData[]

Definition at line 50 of file C4Packet2.cpp.

Referenced by C4Network2IO::HandlePacket().