C4Network2Reference.h File Reference
#include "C4Version.h"
#include "control/C4GameParameters.h"
#include "game/C4GameVersion.h"
#include "lib/C4InputValidation.h"
#include "network/C4Network2.h"
#include "network/C4Network2Client.h"
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class  C4Network2Reference
class  C4Network2RefServer
class  C4Network2HTTPClient
class  C4Network2UpdateClient
class  C4Network2RefClient


const int C4Network2HTTPQueryTimeout = 10
const uint32_t C4Network2HTTPHappyEyeballsTimeout = 300

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◆ C4Network2HTTPHappyEyeballsTimeout

const uint32_t C4Network2HTTPHappyEyeballsTimeout = 300

Definition at line 27 of file C4Network2Reference.h.

Referenced by C4Network2HTTPClient::Query().

◆ C4Network2HTTPQueryTimeout

const int C4Network2HTTPQueryTimeout = 10

Definition at line 26 of file C4Network2Reference.h.

Referenced by C4Network2HTTPClient::ResetRequestTimeout().