C4AulParse.h File Reference
#include "script/C4Aul.h"
#include "script/C4AulAST.h"
#include "script/C4AulCompiler.h"
#include "script/C4AulScriptFunc.h"
#include <stack>
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struct  C4ScriptOpDef
class  C4AulParse


const C4ScriptOpDef C4ScriptOpMap []

Class Documentation

◆ C4ScriptOpDef

struct C4ScriptOpDef

Definition at line 30 of file C4AulParse.h.

Class Members
bool Changer
C4AulBCCType Code
const char * Identifier
bool NoSecondStatement
bool Postfix
unsigned short Priority
C4V_Type RetType
C4V_Type Type1
C4V_Type Type2

Variable Documentation

◆ C4ScriptOpMap

const C4ScriptOpDef C4ScriptOpMap[]