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1 /*
2  * OpenClonk,
3  *
4  * Copyright (c) 1998-2000, Matthes Bender
5  * Copyright (c) 2001-2009, RedWolf Design GmbH,
6  * Copyright (c) 2009-2016, The OpenClonk Team and contributors
7  *
8  * Distributed under the terms of the ISC license; see accompanying file
9  * "COPYING" for details.
10  *
11  * "Clonk" is a registered trademark of Matthes Bender, used with permission.
12  * See accompanying file "TRADEMARK" for details.
13  *
14  * To redistribute this file separately, substitute the full license texts
15  * for the above references.
16  */
18 /* Lots of handler functions for object action */
20 #ifndef INC_C4ObjectCom
21 #define INC_C4ObjectCom
23 bool ComDirLike(int32_t iComDir, int32_t iSample);
25 bool ObjectActionWalk(C4Object *cObj);
26 bool ObjectActionStand(C4Object *cObj);
27 bool ObjectActionJump(C4Object *cObj, C4Real xdir, C4Real ydir, bool fByCom);
28 bool ObjectActionDive(C4Object *cObj, C4Real xdir, C4Real ydir);
29 bool ObjectActionTumble(C4Object *cObj, int32_t dir, C4Real xdir, C4Real ydir);
30 bool ObjectActionGetPunched(C4Object *cObj, C4Real xdir, C4Real ydir);
31 bool ObjectActionKneel(C4Object *cObj);
32 bool ObjectActionFlat(C4Object *cObj, int32_t dir);
33 bool ObjectActionScale(C4Object *cObj, int32_t dir);
34 bool ObjectActionHangle(C4Object *cObj);
35 bool ObjectActionThrow(C4Object *cObj, C4Object *pThing=nullptr);
36 bool ObjectActionDig(C4Object *cObj);
37 bool ObjectActionPush(C4Object *cObj, C4Object *pTarget);
40 bool ObjectComStop(C4Object *cObj);
41 bool ObjectComGrab(C4Object *cObj, C4Object *pTarget);
42 bool ObjectComPut(C4Object *cObj, C4Object *pTarget, C4Object *pThing=nullptr);
43 bool ObjectComThrow(C4Object *cObj, C4Object *pThing=nullptr);
44 bool ObjectComDrop(C4Object *cObj, C4Object *pThing=nullptr);
45 bool ObjectComUnGrab(C4Object *cObj);
46 bool ObjectComJump(C4Object *cObj);
47 bool ObjectComLetGo(C4Object *cObj, int32_t xdirf);
48 bool ObjectComDig(C4Object *cObj);
49 bool ObjectComPutTake(C4Object *cObj, C4Object *pTarget, C4Object *pThing=nullptr);
50 bool ObjectComTake(C4Object *cObj); // carlo
51 bool ObjectComTake2(C4Object *cObj); // carlo
52 bool ObjectComPunch(C4Object *cObj, C4Object *pTarget, int32_t iPunch=0);
54 void ObjectComStopDig(C4Object *cObj);
56 #endif
bool ObjectComDig(C4Object *cObj)
bool ObjectActionDig(C4Object *cObj)
bool ObjectActionWalk(C4Object *cObj)
Definition: C4ObjectCom.cpp:39
bool ObjectActionHangle(C4Object *cObj)
bool ObjectComPut(C4Object *cObj, C4Object *pTarget, C4Object *pThing=nullptr)
bool ObjectActionCornerScale(C4Object *cObj)
bool ComDirLike(int32_t iComDir, int32_t iSample)
bool ObjectActionDive(C4Object *cObj, C4Real xdir, C4Real ydir)
Definition: C4ObjectCom.cpp:68
bool ObjectComTake(C4Object *cObj)
Definition: C4Real.h:58
bool ObjectActionStand(C4Object *cObj)
Definition: C4ObjectCom.cpp:45
bool ObjectComDrop(C4Object *cObj, C4Object *pThing=nullptr)
bool ObjectComJump(C4Object *cObj)
bool ObjectComCancelAttach(C4Object *cObj)
bool ObjectActionGetPunched(C4Object *cObj, C4Real xdir, C4Real ydir)
Definition: C4ObjectCom.cpp:87
bool ObjectActionScale(C4Object *cObj, int32_t dir)
bool ObjectComPutTake(C4Object *cObj, C4Object *pTarget, C4Object *pThing=nullptr)
bool ObjectComStop(C4Object *cObj)
bool ObjectComTake2(C4Object *cObj)
bool ObjectActionJump(C4Object *cObj, C4Real xdir, C4Real ydir, bool fByCom)
Definition: C4ObjectCom.cpp:52
bool ObjectComGrab(C4Object *cObj, C4Object *pTarget)
bool ObjectComUnGrab(C4Object *cObj)
bool ObjectComLetGo(C4Object *cObj, int32_t xdirf)
bool ObjectActionKneel(C4Object *cObj)
Definition: C4ObjectCom.cpp:94
bool ObjectActionPush(C4Object *cObj, C4Object *pTarget)
bool ObjectActionThrow(C4Object *cObj, C4Object *pThing=nullptr)
void ObjectComStopDig(C4Object *cObj)
bool ObjectActionFlat(C4Object *cObj, int32_t dir)
bool ObjectComThrow(C4Object *cObj, C4Object *pThing=nullptr)
bool ObjectComPunch(C4Object *cObj, C4Object *pTarget, int32_t iPunch=0)
bool ObjectActionTumble(C4Object *cObj, int32_t dir, C4Real xdir, C4Real ydir)
Definition: C4ObjectCom.cpp:79